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I think most people think of themselves as nice, but we can all have a mean streak from time to time. When I was in high school, my best friend told me that her younger sister thought I was mean. I definitely wasn't the mean girl in school, but I guess I had treated my friend's freshman sister like an underling. It totally came as a shock to me, and since that day I've been more careful about coming off as unintentionally rude to other people. Has anyone ever accused you of being unkind?

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KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
I have my b!tchy days to be sure.. but for the most part, no, people actually tell me I need to be meaner haha.
merie33 merie33 7 years
Yes. The waitresses at work remind me daily that I need to be nicer and stop being so mean. I tell them that's why they're out front and I'm in the back. 'Cause I'm mean.
zeze zeze 7 years
Today? No. All the other days, probably more than once.
ayuninur ayuninur 7 years
opentypeA opentypeA 7 years
Funny you should mention that, I had a sort-of-mean experience the other day. I wrote about it here and don't feel like retyping it, but I don't think it's as mean as what some people think of when they think of mean, but I usually try to be as nice as I can to the people I deal with on a regular basis.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
Yes, but whatever.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
i used to be too nice. but then i got sick of people walking all over me. so i got a case of the means. oh well. i'm just honest. i'm not mean to be mean.
nicklover nicklover 7 years
im too nice. even when I'm mean to someone I apologize right away. so, no.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
Yes, but that's just because I tell it like it is. Not that I never do it but I certainly don't sugar coat information nearly as much as my friends do, so when my blunt self shows up it can sometimes come as a shocker. Sugar coating to me is misinformation then you have all these people running around believing and making decisions based on misinformation. That's not cool.
Ac2366 Ac2366 7 years
I'm mean every now and then. I spend most of my day at work being super nice to people even when they are less than nice to me. When I get home sometimes I just let out all the mean that I've been forced to hold in. I call it venting, others (my family and friends) call it being mean or bitchy.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
of course. i bet i get this on here too. i'm quite radical.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I got called mean constantly at my last job. I wasn't mean, I just wasn't a pushover. I worked on the help desk as a supervisor, and instead of actually doing their job and reading the information/looking it up, they would just call for everything. We were constantly in queue with reps which put actual customers on hold so that they could ask stupid questions. We had an online fact sheet for every client that listed all of the information they needed. While rare cases came up that even help desk members conferred on, those were perhaps once a day out of 3 or 4 hundred calls. Each call instead of immediatly giving them the answer like every single other help desk member, I would guide them to the online fact sheet so they could read it for themselves. This in turn labeled me as a super bitch who was "unhelpful". When I started, I brought a notebook with me and i wrote down every single piece of pertinant information. This was before the online fact sheet, so every night i went home and typed it up, and printed it for a folder. I don't get why people are so incredibly lazy, and feel the need to bash others to make up for it. I ended up being "reported" so many times, that my boss actually told me that even though they were just being lazy, just to give them the answer immediately becuase the reps didn't like having to go to the online fact sheet. The woman was actually supporting their laziness.. ridiculous.
Fitness Fitness 7 years
My 4-year-old daughter told me I was a mean mommy when I told her she couldn't have another cookie. I am thick skinned though. I can take it!
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I have noticed that as a woman, anything that is less than typical gets you called a bitch or mean. I have my own opinions, and for stating them, I am a bitch. I went through a period where my depression was at it's worst and I kept to myself for the most part, and I was called a bitch. Many more times I have been called a bitch -- like, for reading a magazine on an airplane and not joining in on the conversation. Do I think I am a mean person, no, but I can be. I am always very civil, and express my thoughts in a way that is true to myself but will not hurt anyone. I am never an outright bitch to people, though.
soapbox soapbox 7 years
I wish I could say that I'm the nicest person in the world, but I'm not. Once my patience runs out, everyone around me is doomed. People in general piss me off (bad customer service, other divers, people that insist that their weight gain isn't their fault, people who can't handle their kids...the list goes on) And I tend to encounter these things on a daily bases which put me in a terrible mood, so I tend to come off as a mean person.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
I have been told that I was mean by really close friends. But then when I've explained that I just am one of those people that don't sugar coat things when people need to hear the truth. Or lie for you because you ask me to. I'm blunt. Not mean.
kea718 kea718 7 years
Well.... I am mean. I'd be much more insulted if someone called me nice. I'm just not gunna take crap from anyone, if that makes me mean, so be it. I'm damn proud of it.
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
I've never had anyone come out and say "Beth, you're mean" but a friend of mine thought I actually hated him freshman year because I would say a lot of bitchy things. But I didn't really hate him, I actually thought he was awesome, it was just how I acted. Like Pistil and TidalWave, I'm only mean around/to people I'm close with.
TidalWave TidalWave 7 years
same as Pistil. I'm only mean to those close to me. I don't mean it personally, im just less conscious of my demeanor around them.
Blackwood Blackwood 7 years
sure I have, and I wouldn't deny it... it's all a matter of perception, both good and evil, so if anyone thinks I'm mean, I can't really argue with that. after all, I always say: I didn't come to this world to walk the path of conciliation.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
No, not in a serious way.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
My boyfriend actually, haha. Yes, I am a little mean sometimes. I think it's because I'm mostly a nice, quiet girl in public. Only those lucky people closest to me ever see my mean side. They will tell you that I can be a bitch when I want to be, and everyone else will laugh at the thought. When my boyfriend calls me out on it, I can usually acknowledge that yes, I am being unreasonable, and I realize that I just need to chill out. When I stop being so abrasive and make an effort to be nicer, my aggression goes down, and I am nicer.
hiptobesquare hiptobesquare 7 years
I've been the perpetual too-nice girl too, but to my sister, to my mother, I've been a real bitch. I also got a slight superiority complex for a while...oops.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
not mean, but too negative. not everyone can be happy all the time!
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