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Hasta La Vista, GOP? Schwarzenegger Would Join Obama

Well, well what do we have here. California governor, actor, body builder, Kennedy spouse . . . and Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger, seems open to being President Barack Obama's "Energy Czar."

When asked if he would consider leading Obama's energy programs, the Governator said:

I take his call now, and I will take his call when he's president — any time. Remember, no matter who is president, I don't see this as a political thing, I see this as we always have to help, no matter what the administration is."

Obama, arguably an Abraham Lincoln-wannabe, says he wants a "Team of Rivals" a la Lincoln; so Arnold might be a compelling addition to a bipartisan cabinet. But don't forget, Arnold endorsed McCain in January! Perhaps Arnold is hedging his political bets by suggesting he would take a position in the Obama administration, but I can't hold his bipartisanship and dedication to the energy issue against him.


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