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Woman Swears Hats Are the Secret to Meeting Men

Comedian Deborah Frances-White is most famous for her one-woman show How to Get Anyone to Sleep With You, so as far as flirting advice you could do a lot worse. She's convinced one fitting hat can turn "every man you meet into a terrific flirt," and I think she's onto something.

Hats, or any type of clothing that stands out, are a conversation piece. They make it easier for anyone to talk to you, whether they're flirting or not. I loathe calling attention to myself and only wear hats begrudgingly in the coldest of weather, so I have no firsthand knowledge of this. I can, however, attest to meeting terrible flirts by not wearing a hat, so I'd like to hear from risk-taking dressers. Whether it's a hat, or some other attention-grabbing garb, do you get more (wanted) attention when wearing it?

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
If I had an awesome hat like that, I'd probably attract more attention because I'd feel more visible. I haven't found a hat I like yet though. All the brims are too small! ha!
makeupbydeidra makeupbydeidra 6 years
Um, yeah...i love wearing hats. Nothing too formal or that kooks like you put way too much thought into. But guys seem to like a girl who's not afraid of a cute slouchy beret, or a floppy straw hat in the summer, even a cute fedora for a night out...It completes your outfit, and adds a little mystery...Guys always want to know who the cutie in the cool hat is...Men are very easily controlled by how a woman presents herself. (sometimes unfortunately,)
MichCal MichCal 6 years
Yes, hats for sure. I usually wear them to hide hair needing a good shampoo, so it's sort of funny. Also, when I'm at my grungiest -- after, say, not showering and then house cleaning or gardening all day, wearing no/little make-up, and a baseball cap. I guess it's not intimidating. :)
Blue24 Blue24 6 years
Betty, that's really interesting! I think I might wanna invest in one of those Star Wars t-shirts now.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Lickety that is a great idea! I am such an attention slut, I love wearing anything that gets me noticed. Wild hair, loud jewelry, flashy (but classy) clothes. And yes, men seem to feel much more comfortable approaching me when I'm wearing something interesting, many actually approach me with something like "Those pants are wild! Hi I'm ____." Though my # 1 article of clothing when it comes to picking up men was a Star Wars shirt. You'd think it would only attract nerds... not true. Most non-nerds have a vague interest in Star Wars, plus I think maybe it makes me seem more guy-activity friendly. Lost that baby in a move... hoping to find it again someday. Also PJ pants... easy access. I swear i get hit on just as much in my jammies as I do in some stilettos. Hats... shit I haven't worn them in years but I used to wear them constantly, I was considering bringing them back into my wardrobe... I think this is a sign that I should!
cchica121 cchica121 6 years
I've actually noticed that everytime I wear a baseball hat out (usually on the days when I think I look terrible) that's when guys talk, smile, flirt with me strange.
Silly-Btch-Therapy Silly-Btch-Therapy 6 years
I find that a low cut shirt always attract a lot of attention ;) I don't think I could pull off a hat though. That is a really good idea lickety split! I might steal it for my blog haha ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my blog at!
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
I think thats a great idea lickety! Hopefully they will consider it.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
No idea But This gave me an idea :) You could do an experiment type thing on here Like every Monday (or Tuesday or whatever), you post a different idea to attract men So if next Monday is hat day, the women on here who wanted to try it would do so and then post their results on here Could be hilarious (and maybe helpful)
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