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Comedian Deborah Frances-White is most famous for her one-woman show How to Get Anyone to Sleep With You, so as far as flirting advice you could do a lot worse. She's convinced one fitting hat can turn "every man you meet into a terrific flirt," and I think she's onto something.

Hats, or any type of clothing that stands out, are a conversation piece. They make it easier for anyone to talk to you, whether they're flirting or not. I loathe calling attention to myself and only wear hats begrudgingly in the coldest of weather, so I have no firsthand knowledge of this. I can, however, attest to meeting terrible flirts by not wearing a hat, so I'd like to hear from risk-taking dressers. Whether it's a hat, or some other attention-grabbing garb, do you get more (wanted) attention when wearing it?

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