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Remember Lisa Nowak, the astronaut accused of stalking her lover's new lover? She's avoiding prison after pleading guilty to lesser charges, having already served a couple days in the klink after she was arrested for her notorious crime.

Let me refresh your memory: in 2007, the temporarily love-crazed astronaut drove all the way from Houston to Orlando in a NASA diaper (the better to avoid bathroom breaks), sprayed her astronaut lover's new girlfriend Colleen Shipman with pepper spray in the parking lot of the Orlando International Airport, and was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping with intent to do bodily harm and burglary of a vehicle using a weapon. She's not getting a stiffer sentence because, according to the judge, she doesn't have a prior criminal record and because of her service as an astronaut and later the Navy (NASA fired her after this incident).

It's pretty shocking that someone who was a successful astronaut could become so deranged. Have you ever been caught in a love triangle? Hopefully, you didn't completely go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

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