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Having a Crush on Someone You Never Met

Have You Had a Crush on Someone You Never Met?

The documentary Catfish, out Friday, is a modern love story. Under somewhat random circumstances, 20-something Nev befriends a cute girl on Facebook. They get flirty and end up in a long-distance relationship of never-ending phone calls and playful sexts. While his brother and friend film the whole thing, Nev decides to go from NYC to Michigan to meet this Megan. Check out the trailer below.

The crazy twist that follows their courtship has people questioning whether or not it's a real documentary, but the premise is likely enough. Many of us have developed crushes on people we've never met in person. Maybe you flirt with that witty guy who works in your company's office across the country, or have developed a thing for a friend of a friend who shows up in your Facebook feed. Whether or not the attraction remained once you came face to face, I'm wondering: have you ever had feelings for someone you never met?

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