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This or That: He's Creepy or He Won't Stop Peeping?

This or That: He's Creepy or He Won't Stop Peeping?

You’re on a very romantic first date with a guy, who seems perfect on paper. You met him through a friend of a friend, so you don’t know much about him besides the basics. Over the course of dinner and some pretty decent conversation, you guys each enjoy a few glasses a wine. There’s only one thing that’s sending you a red flag, and it's a big one. Maybe he’s just drunk, but would it be worse if . . .

This: He keeps bringing up sex-related conversation topics? Sure, you like to get down, but you’ve never felt so uncomfortable.

Or . . .

That: His eyes graze every lady's behind and chest that comes within a 20-foot radius? The conversation is actually great, but he can’t keep his eyes on your face.

Neither is great for the mood, but which is worse?


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