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Dear Sugar
I want to wait to have sex until marriage. I'm 26 and still a virgin (probably the last of my kind). Usually I date conservative Christian guys who want to wait as well. but recently I met a really cool guy at an event and, like most men, he wants to have sex. We make out a lot and sleep in the same bed sometimes, but I've made it clear that I'm not going all the way. He says that he's cool with not having sex since it's not what I want, but I know in a few weeks he won't be ok with it. Do you think that it's worth dating someone when you know it won't work out long term? I love dating him right now, but I know that my decision to stay a virgin until marriage will ultimately spell the demise of our relationship. Patient Patience

Dear Patient Patience
Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy. Why don't you just relax and enjoy each other right now. Deal with him dumping you when and if that day ever comes. Maybe he can see that there's more to a mature relationship than just sex and he's willing to develop the connection you have together without taking your cherry. Of course he wants to have sex with you, it's a very natural progression and somewhat expected in this day and age. But give him time and the chance to prove to you that not only does he think you are worth waiting for, but that he could be the patient and understanding partner you've been searching for.

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