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Bridegroom Jailed Over Wedding Day Brawl

Now here's a wedding to remember. (That headline doesn't do it justice.) Eff those perfect weddings by Hallmark where everyone gets along and the bride and groom recite vows to one another that don't leave a dry eye in the house. I wanna go to a Jerry Springer-style wedding like this one recently in Scotland, where the bride headbutts a woman who disses her dress and the groom jumps in on the ensuing brawl — landing them both in jail. Click here to read about the most romantic wedding ever.

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AyrtonSenna AyrtonSenna 8 years
Do you think they will put their perp shots in the wedding album? As for headbutting the woman who dissed the wedding dress, I mean, come on, any self-respecting bride would react like that! I'm with you, tweet hotpants, how come all the weddings I attend are rather boring and lack this kind of excitement?
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 8 years
i've been to so many weddings the past couple years and nothing this exciting ever happens!
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