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Woman OK After Bullet Ends Up in Her Hair Weave

A familiar story of domestic abuse turned deadly got a happy ending recently, thanks to what I will call — (it's a bird, it's a plane, it's. . .) — Superweave! A woman in Kansas City who had broken up with her boyfriend eight months earlier was spared her life thanks to the magical mystery hair weave she wore. She was approached by a stranger who told her that her ex still loved her. After she replied, "Well, I don't love him," her ex, hiding, emerged and fired a gun in her direction.

Instead of the unimaginably awful happening, the bullet got tangled in her weave, or as I like to imagine it — Superweave reached out and grabbed the bullet, stopping its cruel intentions in its tracks. It's great to hear she's OK. Let's hear it for Superweave! Click here to read more about this miraculous story.

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