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Is This Woman Really as Old as the Light Bulb? "Oldest Person in the World" Set to Celebrate Her 130th Birthday

Let's give it up for Sakhan Dosova of Kazakhstan — the oldest known human being in the world at 130 years old! It was thought that the oldest person in the world was 114, but that person's a spring chicken compared to Dosova. Demographers were gobsmacked to find out that she was on Stalin's first census in 1926 — at age 47!

Let's put this in perspective: Dosova was born when Queen Victoria was in rule and Disraeli was prime minister, as well as the year that Stalin and Einstein were born. 1879, the year of her birth, was also the year Edison invented the light bulb. (Are you gettin' how ancient this lady is yet?) She attributes her longevity to avoiding sweets, eating a lot of cottage cheese, and having a sense of humor. I can't accept her first two recommendations, but one out of three ain't bad! Click here to read more.

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