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Headline of the Day

Shopping Sprees Linked to Periods

Good news, ladies! Now in addition to being able to blame sudden crying jags, overeating, and homicidal tendencies to PMS, we get to add compulsive shopping, too! (Sweet!) A recent study in England followed about 150 women along their monthly cycles. They found that in the "luteal phase" (why does that term give me the creeps?) women attempted to regulate intense mood swings due to hormonal changes by overspending, particularly on feminine "ornaments" like makeup, high heels, and jewelry. My favorite part of the study is the conclusion: women should avoid shopping the week before their period. Duh! Click here to read more.


heartlessEcho heartlessEcho 8 years
That happened to me just a few days ago! I got super emotional in a spat with a friend and then I bought three pairs of shoes and new makeup.
TammyO TammyO 8 years
Oh my god! I was just saying to my husband yesterday that I just HAVE to shop more when I'm PMSing and he replies dryly, "yeah I noticed that". And all this time I thoughtit was just me. I just read this study to him and he's giving me this look like "ok. I KNOW THIS already!" :PMS:
bluespirit bluespirit 8 years
Ha! That's me right there. I can totally use this as an excuse to get a bigger allowance....
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