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Headline: Pakistan Bans YouTube

Pakistan's government asked YouTube to prevent people in Pakistan from viewing the video-sharing website, citing content offensive to Islam. It was most likely blocked because it contains controversial drawings of the Prophet Mohammad, such as those printed in Danish newspapers in 2006. A recent republishing of the drawings sparked fiery protests in Pakistan this weekend.

Brazil, China, Iran, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Syria, and Thailand have also blocked the popular site owned by Google for various reasons including that it's subversive, immoral, embarrassing to public figures, or critical of leaders.

I can't imagine life without YouTube. One of the great things about the site is that you can find just about anything, without any sort of censorship or filter. Do you think it would be the same if videos that may be offensive to Islam are removed? Does censorship void the purpose of YouTube? Is the content inflammatory enough that bans are a necessary step toward avoiding dangerous protests?


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