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Headline: Primaries in Wisconsin, Washington, and Hawaii

Well, it's Tuesday. You know what that means — more primaries! Today, voters in Washington state, Wisconsin, and Hawaii will cast their votes for a presidential nominee. Today, Hillary Clinton needs to break Barack Obama's winning streak, and John McCain must solidify his support and avoid an embarrassing loss to Mike Huckabee.

Democrats will vote in Hawaii, the birth state of Obama. He is expected to win the majority of Hawaiian delegates. Clinton has a chance to add Wisconsin to her win column, and will most likely find strong support around Milwaukee, and in the industrial regions of the state. Madison, Wisconsin's progressive capital, will be Obama country, most likely. Washington state Democrats are voting in their primary, but the delegate count was already determined during the Feb. 9 caucuses.

As for the Republicans, McCain is looking for strong wins in Wisconsin and Washington, followed by a Huckabee exit. In Washington, the primary will decide one-half of the delegates, as the other half was allocated during a previous caucus where McCain won 26 percent, Huckabee 24 percent, and Ron Paul 22 percent.

Will Hillary be able to stay alive? Will Huckabee make a resurgence or finally bow out? Stay tuned! And check out pictures from the campaign trail.

Last week Obama attended a rally at the University of Wisconsin. Trying to get out the youth vote!

This weekend Mike Huckabee bowled in a game against the media — a creative campaign event in Wisconsin.

Go Johnny Go! McCain held a campaign rally on election day in Milwaukee.

The day before the primaries, Hillary Clinton fielded questions from a cheese head.

Wisconsin voters will face subzero temperatures today! With the wind chill factor, it will feel as cold as 30 below zero. Yikes!


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