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Headline: Republicans Gallop Toward Iowa Finish Line

With a grab bag of political strategies, here's where (and why) the Republicans were today:

  • Mike Huckabee, fresh from his Tonight Show appearance, was up again at the crack of dawn with a speech in Burlington, Iowa, followed by repeat performances statewide. Scrapping for a sprinkle of the dark horse miracle, he's gotta be everywhere all at once, just praying that he doesn't turn into a pumpkin come 7 o'clock.
  • Mitt Romney's win tonight is less crucial — he's got the bucks and nationwide appeal to carry him through. Nonetheless, he's set to shore up corporate support starting his day with a speech in Des Moines at a more civilized 10:30 a.m., touring the state, then ending up in West Des Moines to wait for the results.
  • Rudy Guiliani is completing his iron-clad snub of the Hawkeye State by giving speeches in New Hampshire and Florida. He's marching to his own drummer on this one, so I guess we just wait for the inevitable thud tonight and catch up with him next week.
  • And John McCain, who's only dabbled in Iowa as well, sat out campaigning today waiting for his expected big showing in New Hampshire.

It's certainly been said that Iowa isn't the crucial contest for the Republicans that it is for the Democrats, and maybe this round-up shows just that. If you're following the Democrats free-for-all, here's a little gem: Wanna know who has the busiest schedule tomorrow? Bill Richardson. Hmm...

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