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Headline: Romney Wins the First Delegates

Republicans in Wyoming voted in the shadow of Iowa-mania, forgoing half of the state's delegates by ignoring party's date rules, in favor of being the first to weigh in. Though voters and reporters are conditioned to look to Iowa for the first response of the primary season, the eight delegates award to Romney while first, were a quiet blip on the noisy Iowa-radar.

Also gaining delegates, Fred Thompson with one, and—mark this down, as it might be his only one—Duncan Hunter scored one as well.

Wyoming Democrats will hold their contest in March.


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katejlogan katejlogan 9 years
I live in Wyoming and the Republicans moved their primary up to get more attention from candidates. It worked. Several candidates have been to Wyoming now that never came in previous elections. Wyo republicans took the demerit of loosing delegates to the national convention because we have so few anyway, it doesn't really matter. While I'm not a republican, and would never vote for Romney, it is nice to see candidates paying attention to little 'ole Wyoming. The Wyo Dems have not gone this route. We will get no visits from candidates but we didn't want to give up any delegates to the convention. I can't decide if this is good or bad.
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