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Headline: Senate Expands Spy Powers

The Senate granted the White House a major victory this morning, by voting 68-29 to approve legislation that expands government surveillance powers. It grants legal protection to phone companies who allow government wiretapping without the requirement of warrants.

The vote, which some think threatens civil liberties, is hailed by Republicans as an essential measure to protect national security. Many liberal advocacy groups see the vote as another example of the Democrats’ fears of being seen as weak on terrorism. Debate surrounding the bill is a preview of controversy that will be increasingly relevant, including issues testing the president’s wartime authority such as secret detentions, torture, and Iraq war financing.

How did the presidential candidates vote? Senator John McCain voted in favor. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did not vote on the measure.

Are you in favor of giving the government broader freedom to gather information? Are you surprised Clinton and Obama didn't vote?


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