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Healing Crystal Dildos

Healing Crystal Dildos Are Here to Make Your Vagina a Magical Place

Healing crystals have been a wellness trend for quite some time now, with a cult following of people who swear by their therapeutic properties. While some choose to harness the rocks' energy in the form of pyramid-shaped decor or jewelry, one innovative company has delved into previously untrekked territory: the crystal dildo market. Yes, you read that correctly.

Chakrubs dubs itself as "the original crystal sex toy company," with all of its products being made from 100 percent pure crystal. Chakrubs derives its name from Chakra, the Sanskrit word that describes energy wheels. The company produces handmade dildos made from precious minerals like rose quartz and pure amethyst, which each provide their own respective healing properties.

The best part about these dildos? They practically double as home decor, so you totally avoid the semiawkward moment when a visitor spots your self-pleasuring gadget on your bedside table.

To learn more about these beautiful sex toys, we spoke with the company's creator, Vanessa Cuccia, who founded Chakrubs with a desire to explore her own sensuality in a new way. Run-of-the-mill dildos just weren't cutting it for her, so she turned to Mother Earth for the answer. "I wanted something that would allow me to tune in, to turn on, and crystals were a natural choice," Vanessa explained. "There was nothing like Chakrubs in the market, so I decided to go forward with creating something that I wanted for myself, trusting that other people would want it as well."

Though she admitted that some people seemed "a little confused" by the brand at first, the company's testimonials page is now flooded with diehard Chakrub advocates demonstrating praise for the products and their healing powers. One reviewer wrote, "It makes me feel more alive," while another explained, "My Chakrub is calming for my anxiety and though I've got a long way to go, it has notably increased my ability to see my self-worth again."

The company's official website states that using these intriguing toys results in "learning to quiet the mind in order to feel subtle energies, develop emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awareness, and accepting every aspect of who you are." It goes on to explain how using them "not only gets you off, but turns you on in a way in which you will remain turned on and awakened with a renewed sense of self-awareness and wisdom." Vanessa added that using these crystal products combines sexuality and spirituality, resulting in an overall increase in self-love.

Sounds pretty convincing, right? Before you sit back and take a ride on the Crystal Express to Pleasure Town, allow us to quickly remind you of the buzz surrounding Gwyneth Paltrow and her overpriced vaginal jade eggs. In case you missed it, a gynecologist advised avoiding Paltrow's viral eggs because of potential health risks, such as bacterial vaginosis and toxic shock syndrome. Yikes! Because of the controversy regarding these eggs, it may be best to check with your gyno before investing in your first Chakrub toy.

Whether you choose to get behind the Chakrubs trend or not, we can't help but wonder: is Spencer Pratt secretly behind all of this?

Image Source: MTV