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Health Insurance Industry Wants Insurance Mandate

If a new healthcare policy will require insurance companies to accept everyone, regardless of preexisting conditions, these companies want the government to require every American to buy coverage, or suffer a tax penalty. The board of the America's Health Insurance Plans endorsed such an arrangement this week, offering support to an impending change from the current system. The president of the group said:

We're going to provide all the technical background that we have assembled, all the experience we've assembled at the state level, and we're going to work very hard with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. We want to make sure that whatever reforms are advanced, no one falls through the cracks.

Perhaps bolstered by the support from the industry that the Clintons lacked in the 90s, Barack Obama's chief-of-staff in waiting Rahm Emanuel told business leaders last night that the Obama administration will not accept incremental reform — they're looking for truly universal healthcare. He said that the Obama administration will "throw long and deep" on other major issues as well.

With the insurance companies putting down their arms, and even offering assistance, it looks like real healthcare reform could happen in the near future. Throw in the possibility of a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority, and the possibilities for change seem endless. Do you think Congress will ditch its tendency for inaction? Do you want it to?


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