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Heavage: Male Cleavage

Word du Jour: Heavage

Deep v-neck shirts may make our top 10 worst male fashion offenses, but metrosexual men care not. They've now bared enough chest to create a new word: heavage. It's everything you fear — man cleavage, or when a low-cut or unbuttoned shirt reveals chest hair and pecs.

The look is inspired by the "unabashed machismo" of Latin-American men and the natural, more-rugged look of the '70s. Menswear historian (!) Robert Bryan called the decade "the golden age of male chest hair," citing John Travolta's plunging neckline in Saturday Night Fever as its zenith. "The convention back then was to skip enough shirt buttons to show off a thick forest of hair," he said, "perhaps topped with a gold medallion as a sign of virility."

Blech. Let's hope this word du jour becomes a word of yore stat!

Image Source: WireImage
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