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"Fat" Kate Moss Is a Sign of Lean Times?

Kate Moss, fairly or not, has been a symbol for heroin-chic and anorexia since the mid-90s when, at the tender age of 14, her modeling career took off.

Making her the symbol for unhealthy thinness has always seemed unfair to me for many reasons. Some healthy teenagers are scrawny looking; Kate's body type has always been on the waifish side (especially compared to the size-six early '90s glamazons like Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford); and since then, her slender '90s frame has been replaced by the truly skeletal clothes-hanger body types on the runway.

But her body and its symbolism is back on the table: a recent article makes a connection between a heftier Kate Moss (yes, that's supposed to be visual evidence right there) and the economic crisis. Want to understand the reasoning? Then


People are describing Kate as fat not as an insult, but with admiration. According to researchers, in lean economic times, men prefer heavier women (to make up for their leaner wallets and hence, depleted egos); people are eating more processed food because it's cheaper and gaining weight; and counting calories seems too self-involved. Whatever the case, it's fascinating that we haven't stopped looking at Kate's body as a barometer of what's going on in culture. She must be used to it by now.


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