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Hedge That Bush

Dear Sugar
I love exercising! I go to the gym every morning before work and that's also where I shower and get ready and primp for the day. I have noticed that tons of ladies waltz around totally nude and it makes me sick when I catch a glimpse of those who have a JUNGLE between their legs. Has no one advised them of the modern art of waxing or laser hair removal? I find it appalling! Is there a tactful way for one woman to tell another woman that she needs to tend to her yard? Do you have any suggestions for me? Skeeved Scarlet

Dear Skeeved Scarlet
I totally empathize with your repulsion. I don't understand the full bush phenomenon myself, but you can't be personally offended by other people's pubic hair grooming choices. That's just one of the hazards you face when you choose to get ready in a public locker room. Sorry Charlie, but there ain't nothin' you can do about it. There is no tactful way to tell a complete stranger that her downstairs fro is fierce. Those of us with a perfectly coiffed landing strip, understand and value the importance of a bikini wax, but plenty of people out there like it thick and lush. A certain Mother I know even claims that pubes provide necessary protection. It's hard to argue with that one even though it may not be your preference.

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