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Heidi Montag Presidential Endorsement

Capitol "Hills?" Heidi Montag Announces Endorsement!

OK, she's probably not a superdelegate (yet. . . ) but Heidi Montag of The Hills, has decided on her presidential endorsement. After careful thought she's ready to announce who will get her coveted, flaxen-haired reality vote. Are you ready for this? Predictions? To see who she's voting for,


Heidi Montag, Colorado native, is giving her vote to John McCain. She says, "I'm a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience." Though her boyfriend (?) Spencer warned against coming out, Heidi said, "I don't think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for." Is she right?

Are you surprised by the choice? Oh wow. Can you imagine John McCain in a guest appearance on The Hills? Sitting, clubbing, having brunch. . . . Ha! That would be fantastic.

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