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Hello, Is Anybody In There

Dear Sugar
I was hanging out with this guy but I broke things off with him because he barely showed any emotion toward me. When we'd talk on the phone, he'd seem interested, but in person, he was so shy and standoffish. Then after we'd hang out, he'd text me things like, "I love your eyes." It confused me because when we were together, he would barley speak. I just gave up on him. Recently, his friends started asking me what happened between us because he was really into me. What's up with him?
Lost Lola

Dear Lost Lola
Some guys have a difficult time expressing their emotions. I guess text messaging you was his way of opening up but still being able to avoid the mushy stuff face to face. It all depends on your emotional needs. Sometimes we have a strong attraction to someone, but then we realize not much else is behind it. If you want to hand hold this guy through being a good communicator and boyfriend, go for it. Plenty of girls do. Personally, I think it's too much work and it's better to find someone with more developed interpersonal skills. This guy just sounds a little bit immature and insecure. In time, hopefully he'll come out of his shell. That would be the time to date him.

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