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Help! I Am An Excessive Sweater

Dear Sugar
I am an 18 year old girl who suffers from excessive sweating in my armpits. I sweat through all my t-shirts and have sweat stains that are embarrassing and impossible to hide. When it is warm outside, I am too embarrassed to raise my arm in class because my sweat stains are so noticeable.

I have gone to see my doctor and have an appointment to meet with a surgeon, but in the meantime, is there anything I can do to keep my sweating under control? I would like to be able to wear a t-shirt without feeling grossed out or self conscious. Sweat Stained Stella

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Dear Sweat Stained Stella
The technical term for excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. In your case, sweating under your arms is specifically called axillary hyperhidrosis where your body sweats beyond what the body needs.

This condition can be quite embarrassing, but there are ways to treat it. Since you have already made an appointment with your surgeon, there are a few non surgical options I suggest you look into before going under the knife.

A few different brands of antiperspirant are marketed towards mild to moderate cases of excessive sweating. Drysol is available only with a prescription and Maxim, a new product, is available without a prescription. There is also DriOff Gel. These antiperspirants contain aluminum hydrochloride to help put an end to the excessive sweating under your arms.

There is no specific medication targeted to combat axillary hyperhidrosis, but Ditropan as well as Robinul and Probanthine have been known to block the neuro transmission responsible for the production of sweat. These medications also have a side effect of dryness which helps target the problem area as well.

Another quick fix is Botox believe it or not. Injecting Botox in your armpits blocks the chemical transmitter that causes sweating. This is not a permanent solution, but can temporarily help for three to six months at a time.

The only permanent solution for axillary hyperhidrosis is surgery so I am glad you have consulted a doctor. Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) and Superficial Liposuction, which has a 95% success rate, are the two surgical options to cure your problem. I hope these more conservative methods tie you over. Good luck with your surgery.

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luv_my_junk luv_my_junk 10 years
I had this problem since puberty. I went the natural way...I went to my herbalist and she tested me for a few items. The first and most important was a detox herb. A supplement she suggested I used was Master Gland® by Nature's Sunshine. She also suggested an aqua chi treatment. It is when you sit in a chair and put your feet in a massaging bath...the water pulls out the toxins and is SSSOOOOO will be impressed! A website to look into is Good luck! I know first hand how embarrassing the sweating is, it was for me for way too long.
txhottie txhottie 10 years
I suffered from this too! I have been using Certain Dry for almost a year now and it has been working. I talked to a Dr about Botox, but it is VERY expensive, not guaranteed to work, and you have to go back every 4-6 weeks. I also tried Mitchums, Maxium and other antiperspirants, but Certain Dry is the only one that has worked! Good luck!
gracey gracey 10 years
My sister had this problem. The embarrassment factor and the ruining of her favourite clothes made her finally resort to surgery. She was very happy with the results so really if its what you want go for it! :)
Jinx Jinx 10 years
When I saw this post, I was thinking sweater, like the piece of ~Procrastinate Now! Don't Put It Off~ (Ellen)
missnomi missnomi 10 years
until you get your medical solution, just try to minimise odor by keeping clean and wear black! (so noone can see any stains)
qtpye0831 qtpye0831 10 years
I've had axillary hyperhidrosis for 6 years (I'm 19) and I've tried Maxim, Drysol, CertainDri and unfort. have had no success. I have also gotten Botox injections under my arms twice, both times did not work either :-( The only thing that has worked for me is taking two 5 mg Ditropan pills in the morning when I wake up and I'm pretty much dry all day. There are side effects such as dry mouth, constipation, and all that good stuff, but if your sweating is as bad as mine, its worth it. Also, I was going to have the ETS surgery mentioned above, but after doing tons of research and talking to people who have had it done, do not get it. ETS will not improve underarm sweating, studies show the surgery is mainly effective for people with cranial (head), hands, and feet hyperhidrosis. Plus, the side effects of the surgery are sweating from other places, so instead of your hands sweating, I've heard many stories of sweating from the chest/breast area, the back, and the crotch...Very attractive to have sweaty boobs :-) haha If you need any advice, send me a message I would be more than happy to fill you in on what I know. -Brianne
tootsieshoes tootsieshoes 10 years
DRYSOL DRYSOL DRYSOL DRYSOL ===== my hero ===== At the pharmacy they had it over the counter, i just asked for it - the roll on is easy to use and cost about 15 $ for 35ml. I have never needed a perscription for it either. 5-day and Certain Dry are also good alternatives. hearts to you, Kellie
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
I actually have the same problem, i went to the dr and the RX deoderant didnt even work...and before i did the surgery thing i tried certain dry at night and then in the am i use guys deodarant and im usually always dry!! Worth a shot!! ~*~Life was Simpler back then~*~
fat-kat fat-kat 10 years
I know this may sound funny but my husband use to sweat a lot and no deodorant would help. I told him try DEGREE. I know he's a man but think a man with lots of armpit hair as well. Try the deodorant Degree. You can find it at any store. Target, Walgreen's etc.
Lindsb Lindsb 10 years
DrySol saved me in college! I felt the same way.. it was summer.. 90 something degrees and I was dry as a bone. It really worked. The only problem was that I feel like it lost its power after awhile.. but I wasn't applying it as often as I should have been, either. I would strongly suggest trying something like that before surgery!! Good luck!
splashofsass splashofsass 10 years
Certain Dri - can be bought at, is great for this problem. You put it on a night before you go to bed, and you won't sweat the next day.
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