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High Blood Pressure's Effect on Your Sex Life

High Blood Pressure's Effect on Your Sex Life

High blood pressure (also called hypertension) is really common. It can be caused by stress, a diet high in saturated fat and sodium, and it can also be a result of genetics. High blood pressure comes with a risk for heart problems, so if you suffer from hypertension, you may be wondering if it's still safe to get it on. Since sex (like all cardio activity) can get your heart pumping, the concern is that the physical exertion will put too much stress on your heart which could cause a heart attack. You'll be happy to know that according to the American Heart Association, fewer than one percent of heart attacks have occurred while getting busy in the bedroom. So for those that have their blood pressure under control, sex gets a thumbs up! Hypertension can make sex less enjoyable though, and if you're wondering how, just


For guys, hypertension can cause erectile dysfunction, since blood flow to the penis may be slow. Having this problem even once can cause a guy to be really nervous and self-conscious about sex, which could affect the relationship and his performance.

For ladies, blood flow to the lady parts is also reduced, which can cause vaginal dryness, difficulty getting aroused, and issues with reaching orgasm. Also, if stress is the cause of her hypertension, she'll be too uneasy to allow herself to let go, so chances are her sex drive will suffer the consequences.

The bottom line here, ladies and gentlemen, is that high blood pressure is no joke. It can begin in your 20s and continue throughout your lifetime. Aside from it affecting your overall health, you don't want it to put a damper on your sex life either, so get checked by your doctor and begin treatment if necessary. Your orgasms depend on it!


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