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How Were You Asked to Prom?

What is going on in high school these days? Specifically, this high school where a guy wrote a song, got his friends to be back-up clappers, and popped the prom question in front of third period with next to no embarrassment.

The video even circles the classroom, showing clapping kids who are totally supportive of this public display of vulnerability. High schoolers aren't supposed to act like this! But since this video went over so well, expect other lyrical boys to follow. Meanwhile, I fully expect this crooner to grow up and publicly propose marriage via a full-scale Broadway production.

For now, I want to know how you were asked (or did the asking). Did a friend act as a broker, either procuring the date or ensuring both parties would say yes to minimize risk? Was it on a note or by email, IM, or text? My date whispered the question in the school library, and I felt pressured to say yes by the publicness. In hindsight, it was everything it's supposed to be — passive and awkward. What about you?

Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
High school was terrible. BUT for the sake of the conversation... Sophomore year my boyfriend was older, so it was sort of a given we would go together. Nice prom. Junior year, same boyfriend canceled a week before prom- already had the shoes/dress and everything- so I begged and cried and got my friend to go with me. Bitch-smacked the newly-ex-boyfriend in the middle of prom... awesome prom. Senior year, I was like, why should I spend $100 for a dress, $50 for shoes, $50+ for hair/accessories/etc, when I can get a case of beer for $10 and a bag of weed for $25 and throw my own party? Showed up and photo-bombed my classmates in their ball gowns and then got fucked up at my friend's apartment. Best prom ever.
anonymoushippopotamus anonymoushippopotamus 6 years
spacekatgal, i can't agree more. although i do remember how i was asked to prom, only because i'm still with that guy. he went to a different school than i, but we met at work. we went out to a taco bell or something for dinner after my shift and he just asked me in his car. i said yes to his only if he agreed to go to mine too. but yes, it was more than awkward, but that's the way it should be. i can't believe how much high schoolers have changed in only five years!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
I would say that someone who is still harboring intensely bitter feelings about high school years afterward is probably the one who hasn't moved on....
0Payton0 0Payton0 6 years
I don't know why you believe high schoolers shouldn't act like this? I am one currently, and it's kind of like a thing to ask your date creatively and in a way they would like it. I think your being just a bit judgmental saying you think he's going to publicly propose marriage in a broadway type thing. && also to Spacekatgal, why are you saying someone who makes High School a happy experience don't go on to better things after high school? The better outlook you have on things the better quality of life you receive. Positive attitude = positive results. I am loving High School, it's fairly easy, and I love being with my friends. It really hasn't been terrible. Just because you decide to make four years of your life into something worth while doesn't mean your life will not be good after those four years. That was just rude from my point of view to say about High School students. I have a good road ahead of me, and I plan on working hard for it, and earning it.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I was never asked to any school dances, but I also never saw people doing anything so public either!
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
My boyfriend was in college for my senior prom so I had to ask him (lame). My junior year prom I had a show that night (I was in an all-girl band) so I blew prom off... and actually ended up meeting the guy who would be my boyfriend/senior prom date!
Natalie-Love Natalie-Love 6 years
Prom was right after I broke up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years for me. As word got around, this guy who I presume liked me for awhile heard of it. A guy that's friends with him told me in Chemistry. "X has something he has to say to you". I realllly hoped that wasn't the question...I had zero interest in him. I pretty much managed to not see him for the next 2 weeks (I went a to a huge highschool and we had no classes together). I was waiting outside the English office waiting to talk to a teacher about an essay, as she was finishing up with another student. He saw me, and decided it's now-or-never, and asked me right then, right there, infront of my English teacher. I said no, really awkwardly, and my teacher looked embarrassed. I decided to ask the question another time!
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