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When looking for the right guy, I'm sure you have a list of traits he must possess, such as a good sense of humor, attractive appearance, subtle sensitivity, and an honest heart. A smart guy is a plus, too; intelligence goes a long way in my book, and as it turns out, sharp guys can not only help with your taxes, but they may also help in the baby-making department. Studies show a connection between high IQ and high quality sperm. That means an intelligent man has a higher sperm count, and his sperm are strong, perfectly shaped, and good swimmers. All these characteristics make for one fertile dude, so if you're trying to get pregnant, you might have an easier time with a brainy guy!

Now that's not to say that a non-Harvard graduate has bad sperm. Other factors play into the quality of a man's swimmers, such as exercise, diet, genes, stress level, use of steroids, alcohol consumption, and tobacco and marijuana use. So even if your man isn't well-versed in Shakespeare or can't spell to save his life, he can still father your children — he just may not be able to help them with their geometry homework!


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