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Highlights From Obama's Appearance on The Tonight Show!

Highlights From Obama's Appearance on The Tonight Show!

The crowd was excited, and the president was comfortable tonight with Jay Leno. Check out some of the lighthearted and more serious moments from the appearance, including Barack's thoughts on life with the Secret Service, the AIG bonuses, and Air Force One.

To see the whole interview,


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I'd go to the length to say that this type of gaffe was just expected from Bush.
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
ladonna, I think the point is that if there wasn't such an exaggerated level of Bush-bashing, that this wouldn't be such a big deal that he made a slip of the tongue. But he has somehow been elevated to a pedestal that he certainly has not earned.
stephley stephley 8 years
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
We are in the greatest economic crises since the great depression (according to Obama), His treasury dept., has dropped the ball with regards to executive compensation(even Maxine Waters opined that maybe Obama is "out of touch". Can you imagine the field day if Bush went on Leno yucking it up after 9/11, or any time after the start of the Iraq war? The howls would be all over the MSM, the Democrat party would never let it go. Talk about "Fiddling while Rome burned"
stephley stephley 8 years
Actually no Clara - I'm saying if he was ShObama, he'd blind you all with the stars and his approval rating could be easily manipulated. Talking to Jay Leno WHILE president doesn't make Obama all about showbiz, any more than hanging with Saudi princes after 9/11 made Bush a terrorist.
ladonnaoscurata ladonnaoscurata 8 years
Obama should know better than to make a comment like that and I could tell he had an 'oh **** did I just say that?' moment but we need to realise that he is human too and ALL of us make mistakes. Sure, he has the added pressure of being the President but I have faith that he's a quick learner and he will NOT be a repeat offender. At least he is putting himself out there and trying to create a better relationship with the American people, unlike Bush. And it's not like none of us make stupid remarks like that sometimes, no matter how politically correct we consider ourselves. The honeymoon is definetly over, it's time to take a dip in reality!
clarabelle98 clarabelle98 8 years
Okay, so then am I understanding you Stephley that because he COULD have invited all the celebs you named and didn't, that it's "Ok" for him to now be perceived as "ShObama?" It's the old "Two wrongs don't make a right". Just because he didn't do the things you mentioned, doesn't make the one thing he DID do right.
stephley stephley 8 years
The point CC, is what Obama is accused of doing versus what he could do - if he were what his critics claim he is.
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
Any president could pull out star power. He's not out of the ordinary, he's not special.
stephley stephley 8 years
I don't think it was about approval ratings because if Obama wanted them to go up - just get the puppy and be photographed with the happy kids and their dog. Or when Clooney comes to the White House to talk about Darfur, Obama could insist on a game of hoops; Brad & Angie were in town, invite them to visit the WH with the kids... Obama hasn't pulled out half the celebrity star power he could. I don't understand 'he ran his campaign in the media' - McCain did all the same things - no one complained that he won the GOP nomination because he was just Mr. Media and the others didn't have HIS star power. The Leno show was an informal way of updating people. I thought Leno made some good comments - including when he voiced concern that Congress could just vote to raise taxes on any specific group it didn't like. That's not usual Tonight Show banter.
clarabelle98 clarabelle98 8 years
Stephley all of those are Valid points, but that doesn't make what any of those people did right. Doing it during a campaign is one thing. I still disagree with it, but at least I GET it. They're trying to bring in that demographic of votes. It's one action that while I don't like it, I'm not going to get upset over because it's a good way to get votes from people that probably aren't paying attention to the news or the debates. Doing it during your presidency while the country is falling apart at the seams is W R O N G no matter which way you slice it. You mentioned Bush on DOND? I was pretty miffed at that too! However, he didn't even leave his office to tape that 5 minute segment (though knowing Bush, it probably took him 5 bazillion takes to get it right). What was the purpose of going on there last night? I mean seriously? He's worried about approval ratings this SOON? He had to know what kind of a job he was stepping into, and that he was going to anger a lot of people. That's the job of a leader. Not everyone will be happy with everything you do all of the time. It's your job to do the RIGHT thing all the time, even if it's hard. He didn't do that with the bailouts. He promised to read them thoroughly, he didn't (Or if he did it makes me wonder) and NOW look at the mess he's created. He's dropping the ball left, right and backwards and going on a talk show was NOT the way to pick it back up. He could go in front of the country with a press conference or a statement or something. He did NOT need to do the Hollywood celebrity thing. Though, again, I'm not sure why any of us are surprised. He ran his campaign in the media, and now he's doing his job in the media. He's sticking true to form, I'll give him that.
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
IMO, an important part of getting the country through the economic crisis is keeping his focus on spending our money more wisely and don't worry about being Mr. Talk Show Guest. As an American citizen who pays taxes, I am way more interested in hearing a BETTER plan than has yet to be presented by this administration. He can make nice all he wants, but that isn't going to save this country. Period.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
Honestly, that was sort of my point. The country treated Obama like a rockstar during the election, so why would you think he is going to act any different once elected? In my opinion, someone campaigning to be the President of a country, should not be going on talk shows, etc. This is serious business here!
Amesabelle Amesabelle 8 years
Tidal - The difference is they were campaigning when he and McCain went on those shows. Essentially, they were still interviewing for the job by putting themselves in front of us. Now that he HAS the job, I'd prefer that he do that job instead of pretending to be a rockstar or a celebrity. I had enough of that pre-and mid-inauguration, thanks. Dear God, I EXPECT the man to have gray hair by next year and he should, considering the state of the economy. He shouldn't be yucking it up on Leno making inappropriate jokes.
LeChatonNoir LeChatonNoir 8 years
*sigh* CitizenSugar needs to report in an unbiased way, yes. Obama made an inappropriate statement, and now everyone's going to town, defending this, slamming that, i told you so-ing and what would bush do-ing... I think the better debate to participate in is around the trillions of dollars that keep appearing out of thin air to pay our international debt and depreciating our money by 3% instantaneously. We should save this pettiness - whether it's Obama or Bush or whoever.
jackiered jackiered 8 years
IMO the bottom line - Unfortunately for Prez Obama, he put his big foot in his big mouth last night when he dissed handicap people. Erase any pops he hoped to gain in his quickly declining approval ratings by his lame appearance on Leno.
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
Oops. Steph popped a couple in before me. Disregard those two....
ccpdm ccpdm 8 years
I agree with 4 out of 5 statements preceeding this one.
stephley stephley 8 years
Oops, Nixon was a candidate when he did that. But the point remains, it didn't seriously change his relationship to the office or the people of this country. And Bush taped an appearance on Deal or No Deal.
stephley stephley 8 years
An important part of getting the country through the economic crisis is keeping confidence up and staying in contact with the people. Nixon appeared on Laugh-In while the war in Vietnam was going on: the country and the presidency survived.
clarabelle98 clarabelle98 8 years
Tidal, because now he's running the country and shouldn't be taking the time in this economy for play time. Sorry, but that's the sad truth. He should be in it up to his knees with no time for this kind of debauchery. He's not a freakin' Hollywood Celebrity for God's sake, he's the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Even Reagan, who WAS a celebrity at one time didn't pull something like this. I agree with whoever said it's a little reminiscent of Clinton. It's like he wants to be just like the man, God forbid.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
Well, both presidential candidates went on late night talk shows during the election.... how is that much different than being elected and going on a talk show.
Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 8 years
It occurs to me there's a reason why no other president before Obama has gone on a late night show like this. It simply didn't fit our view of how a president should act. But now, with Obama's "celebrity status"...I don't know, maybe he needs that constant reassurance...
krys786 krys786 8 years
Lol, thanks Pamela. Amesabelle, I'm with you!
jackiered jackiered 8 years
ames, IMHO it reeks of an old Clinton ploy. Trying to be Mr Hollywood - MTV, like a celeb wanna be.
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