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Well Said: Hillary Knows Technology Can't Replace Face Time

"You would think, in the world in which we live today, that with instantaneous communications, that you wouldn't need to travel as much. But in fact, you almost have to travel more . . . it's almost as if the virtual reality cries out for the real relationship's need to be affirmed. It's ironic."

— Hillary Clinton tells Esquire that when technology lets you be "friends" with everybody, you need to affirm who your real (international) friends are face to face. What about video chat?

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ccsugar ccsugar 7 years
Oh wait, just read it again. Durrr. Coffee has not kicked in yet.
ccsugar ccsugar 7 years
Actually, Ms. Wayne, the word "relationships" in this sentence is plural. There is no possession.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
Anon, the apostrophe is possessive, as in, the needs OF the relationship. Did you READ it? Right on, Hillary! Video chat will never replace face-to-face contact.
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