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"Hillary in the House" Song and Chant

Hillary: Make. Your Mascot. Stop.

Homeboy in the blue blazer thinks he's doing Hillary Clinton some kind of service by taking center stage and busting his most badass, J Lo-infused rhyme for a group of supporters. I don't think this is exactly helping Hillary get the youth vote. In this popularity contest we call politics, we are the company we keep, and Hillary needs a new crowd — the Mean Girls maybe? (I kid, I kid.)

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Matdredalia Matdredalia 9 years
We need cleaning in that house? We need a woman to clean it up? O_O Wow, is it just me or is homeboy not only making an idiot of himself, he's being sexist in the process? That is so not going to help her get the vote amongst younger voters who are generally more Liberal. And it is especially NOT going to go over well with the Democrats.
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