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Hillary Op-Ed: Why I Continue To Run

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Hillary Op-Ed: Why I Continue To Run "Today, I would like to more fully answer the question I was asked: Why do I continue to run, even in the face of calls from pundits and politicians for me to leave this race? I am running because I still believe I can win on the merits. Because, with our economy in crisis, our nation at war, the stakes have never been higher - and the need for real leadership has never been greater - and I believe I can provide that leadership. I am not unaware of the challenges or the odds of my securing the nomination - but this race remains extraordinarily close, and hundreds of thousands of people in upcoming primaries are still waiting to vote."

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hausfrau hausfrau 9 years
if the dems didn't want a race to go on this long, then they should have written the rules that way. but they didn't.
flutterpie flutterpie 9 years
its funny because when this process started i had a conservative friend of mine email me saying "doesnt your party know that this is a democratic process and not a parlimentary process?" i had to concede to him on that one. the sad part is that the republican process is just as effed up as the dems but because the party has a habit of unifying behind each other, we dont see it. romney could of stayed in and won a few more states. he could of seriously given mccain a run for his money, since alot of conservatives are alienated by the middle ground mccain stands on. the simple fact is though is that romney cannot beat an obama or a hillary. mccain is the best one for the job. i know that hillary truly feels that deep down she is the best woman to run againist mccain. it has nothing to do with her "being selfish and dishonest" it has to do with the fact that she cannot believe that she actually lost something that she thought she had. i just wish she would mourn her loss while dropping out of the race, instead of publicly embarrassing herself and the party.
stiletta stiletta 9 years
I think if the democratic party can't sustain itself through a legitimate primary, then maybe it should consider folding and if a democratic candidate can't get its message to the American people from June to November, then they have more problems than Hillary Clinton.
ladychaos ladychaos 9 years
Translation: "Yes, I think the delegate process is bullsh*t..."
annebreal annebreal 9 years
This is what gets me...the more Obama has to campaign for the nomination, the less time he has to campaign for the presidency. It's almost June...this is happening in November!
janneth janneth 9 years
She is ruining party unity. She is a Clinton through and through. Self-centered and dishonest.
hartsfull hartsfull 9 years
I personaly don't think there's anything wrong with her continuing. I always feel like, it's not over til the skinny lady sings! I even respect her a little more for not giving up. Of course, none of that matters because I'm.....go team RED!!! :MOB: Seriously though I fell like, good for her. Why give up? But still, go team RED! :mob:
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
HF - my argument isn't that she can't get the required amount to win the bid. I'm saying she can't even get half of the delegates from the states. Her staying in is only hurting the dems, and the longer this goes on, and the more hateful her ads become, it hurts his chances to win the against McCain. Do I think the DNC nomination process is seriously messed up? YES. I bet it will be different in 2012.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
*the required amount to win the bid
raciccarone raciccarone 9 years
I don't understand why she needs to explain herself. It's her money, time and energy so who is this hurting?
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
ummmmm...honestly UD if you or anyone has a problem with the way the Democratic process has been set up then it needs to change. It's not Hillary's fault that the process is set up this way and she has every right to go to the convention and see how she fairs with the superdelegates. If Obama could get the required amount without superdelegates than your argument would be valid. HE CAN NOT. NEITHER OF THEM CAN. That argument is getting tired.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
"But I hope you'll remember, during those times of doubt and frustration, that there is nothing naive about your impulse to change this world," he said. "Because all it takes is one act of service -- one blow against injustice -- to send forth that tiny ripple of hope that Robert Kennedy spoke of." -Obama Really Obama? Yeah let's say that you don't believe she meant anything by it, but fan the flames by bringing his name up. At least it's another example of politics as usual.
blondie01 blondie01 9 years
Why do I feel like I've heard this before? :oy:
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
So going in, more people think you would not be a good, effective leader, but you don't care. Even though you can not mathematically get more delegates, you're still running. Your case to the superdelegates is simply this: "I'm a better person than my opponent, and I think you (the superdelegates) should vote for me, even though Obama has the majority of states delegates." Or is it more of the "I'm 20+ million dollars in debt, and I need to stay in to try an recoup my losses."
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