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Is This Really Why We Wanted Hillary's First Lady Papers?

Hillary Clinton just released her much anticipated logs and schedules from her tenure as First Lady. While some, like Time are probably interested in how she spent her time in the White House in terms of her foreign policy resume (check out the story, it's a great straight-forward look at her roles in Ireland and Macedonia.) But there's always a little bonus slice of juice if you have the inclination to dig deeply enough (or "go there" as it were).

Hillary was in the White House while Bill and Monica were together. There. I said it. I'm a bad person for being interested in this detail.

In my defense, I'm not the only one. Many, many, many news outlets care too. Hillary was in the White House on "Blue Dress Day."

In my defense, I'm interested for a couple of reasons: the sheer speed in which people hopped on this detail and flung it around the world perhaps says something about the lingering perception of Hillary's time in the White House. Maybe a little something about how we consider details of a female candidate's record differently than a man's. And just perhaps that given the complicated times we live in now, it's nice to relive a piece of titillation from a simpler time. Gap dress, I hardly knew ye.

Be honest. Was your interest piqued?


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