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Hipster Job Video

Hipster Feels God's Mocking Wrath

Usually, any attempt to mock hipsters leaves the mocker looking out of touch and even lamer, which is why it's best left to the indigenous homeboys themselves. It also helps if it's done as a biblical tale with God dressed as David Bowie!

"Hipster Job" is about a bro named Job, as in G.O.B from Arrested Development or the lesser known Job from the Bible's Book of Job. Settle in for this five-minute vid — sh*t is deep! There's a lot going on, so follow along with my crib notes after the jump.

Picture it, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Summer of 2009. Job is livin' on a celestial trust fund and life is good. But then God being a "total degenerate gambler" accepts a bet from Satan that Job can't make it on his own. God gets all "Gossip Girl" on him and unleashes his Old Testament wrath. First Job's laptop dies then he gets fired and kicked out of his apartment, and finally his girlfriend, or "g-fry," dies in a tragic tattoo accident.

Things get so out of hand that God descends from heaven, and Job asks "W-T-F?" God, unwilling to admit it was because of a bet, explains it with a t-shirt that says "Sh*t Happens." Job understands it's deep and repents. God says, "ain't no thang." But His fury is not extinguished, so Job and his friends throw a dance party and the Lord is pleased.

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