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You’ve stayed at your boyfriend’s place the past few days, and it’s taken a toll on your usual cute appearance. You haven’t had your hair products or your makeup, and you’ve run out of clean clothes. Your hair is frizzing, and you’re wearing a pair of stretched out jeans, your boyfriend’s t-shirt, and flip flops. (Luckily, he doesn’t care.) You guys decide to grab a quick bite to eat, but you kick yourself when you're surprised by an unexpected encounter. Would it be worse if you guys ran into …

This: His ex-girlfriend, the gorgeous one from all the pictures who broke his heart, and she’s looking, well, picture perfect? You try to give her your most confident handshake, but then you remember your ensemble.

Or …

That: Your ex-boyfriend who ended things with you because you just weren’t the one? Of course you’re over him, but you’ve been dying to run into him to prove that you’re doing better than ever — it would probably help if you looked better than ever.

Neither are how you envisioned, but which encounter is worse?


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