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Dear Sugar
I have been out a few times with this fantastic and adorable guy that I am really into. His best friend dates a close friend of mine and they set us up. Two weekends ago, the four of us went skiing and stayed at his parents cozy, romantic cabin up in the mountains.

However, on Sunday morning, we were awakened by his mom and dad cooking breakfast in the kitchen. My crush said he was going to sneak out of the room and fall back asleep in another bedroom before his parents came upstairs and busted us sleeping together.

I fell back asleep but was woken up again by his parents six month old puppy opening the door to my room. He was totally spastic, jumping on the bed and running around the room. As I was trying to get him out, I noticed he had my underwear in his mouth!

I fought with him to get them back but he wouldn't surrender. All of a sudden, he went tearing out of the room and down the stairs with my ripped pink lacy thong in his teeth. I was totally panicked and didn't know what to do.

Luckily I heard his parents getting in their car and I was able leave the room without seeing or meeting them. My crush thought the situation was hilarious and reassured me that his parents are very easy going, and wouldn't have cared if they saw.

Needless to say, I am pretty mortified by this whole incident. He wants me to meet his parents at their holiday party this weekend and I am so embarrassed I am tempted to not go. What should I do? Is this as big of a deal as it feels like to me? Rattled Randi

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Dear Rattled Randi
Ha! I do have to agree with your crush - that is hilarious! Are you sure his parents saw the pup with your panties? Did they say anything to your crush? I think the only thing you can do is keep your head held high and chalk it up to a really funny story.

Since you don't know if they saw, you are going to have to have a good sense of humor about it. Sorry to say it, but what's done is done. The good new is it sounds as though things are progressing in your relationship. Chances are you have nothing to worry about since your potential boyfriend is ready to introduce you to his parents.

Just be confident and easy going when meeting them. The worse case scenario is that they get a little chuckle at your expense. Once the embarrassment wears off, hopefully you can all laugh about your ski trip panty raid!

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