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Hitler Walking Tours

Tourists Line Up For Guided Hitler Walking Tours in Munich

If you're booking a vacation, here's an option you might consider: visitors to Munich are clamoring to head out on Adolf Hitler walking tours. Exploring the German city where the dictator began his Nazi Party 10 years before he was elected German chancellor. The tour wends through city sites with Adolf Hitler significance — which most contemporary locals are no longer even aware of, like the location where Hitler gave his first public speech (upstairs at the world-famous Hofbraeuhaus beer hall in 1918) and a nearby pub where he liked to drink and skip out on the bill. To see who's taking these tours,


Most of the tour-goers aren't Hitler fans, instead they're visitors who've been to the Dachau concentration camp memorial on the outskirts of Munich. According to one of the owners of the tour company, "after that, a lot of them are curious to know how Hitler came to power," One visitor from Puerto Rico said, "I've read so much about this, and I just could not comprehend how the Germans could follow a guy like that. After seeing the place, I can understand it better."

Do you head to serious historical landmarks on vacation? Would you combine learning about atrocities like the Holocaust with your leisure time? Can you see taking a Hitler tour?


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