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Holly and Blake Bachelor Pad Proposal Video

Watch Blake's Bachelor Pad Proposal to Holly — and Michael's Reaction

Last night was the Bachelor Pad 2 finale, and who won the show wasn't even the most talked-about moment from the episode.

We knew that Michael Stagliano's partner and ex-fiancée, Holly Durst, is engaged to fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Blake Julian, but last night we got to see the proposal video along with all the other contestants and a studio audience. The only person who wasn't in the know? Michael, who was behind the stage and kept completely in the dark until being told with a camera in his face. Stay classy, Holly and Blake.

Watch the video of the proposal above, featuring Blake donning his signature Cheshire Cat grin and '80s-party-ready v-neck/plaid blazer combo as he and Holly enjoy a romantic, totally-not-staged date in a meadow on the top of a hill at sunset, with just the two of them — and an ABC camera crew.

And see how some of the pad's castoffs reacted to the proposal.

Our thoughts exactly. Now watch poor Michael get blindsided by a smirky-faced Blake and his ex-fiancée Holly's engagement news.

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vencanice vencanice 5 years
He is very honest, cute
vicky123 vicky123 5 years
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MSucre MSucre 5 years
And what was up with Ames not looking Jackie in the eye?
MSucre MSucre 5 years
UGH. I thought this whole Blake and Holly thing was dumb. One minute Chris H. is asking Blake whether he has seen Holly since filming ended. And acts surprised at the answer. Then he asks "are you falling in love with her?" And AGAIN acts surprised. The next minute, he's saying "well we met up with Blake and Holly and we want to show you the footage." The whole thing was sooo forced. They should have just started out with the announcement. I don't blame Blake and Holly for getting "engaged" a la Roberto and Ali. It basically just means that they are dating with the possibility of having an all expense paid wedding if they ever get around to it. I'm not sold that Mike didn't know about it though. How did tressugar know about it, and not Mike? Does he live in a cave?
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