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Is your sex life a bore? Then New Hope Church in Florida is here to help. The church sent out colorful flyers to 25,000 households inviting them to attend seminars on "how to have the great sex that God created you to enjoy!"

Dressed in jeans and armed with a Bible, the church's Pastor leads the lectures. He personally approves of getting busy while listening to Christian music, and recommends using the Bible to teach your kids about sex.

Many in the community feel the Sunday sex and marriage sermons are inappropriate, because they're held at an elementary school. But the pastor says there shouldn't be anything controversial, since (good) sex between married believers is holy. Amen?

To see video of the pastor at one of the sermons,



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margokhal margokhal 8 years
At first I was wondering why it had to be at an elementary school, but then I read the article...I don't understand what they're all up in arms about. It's not like the kids are IN SCHOOL on Sunday mornings, and the church is right across the street and needed some extra space, because apparently these sermons have been popular in the past. I think it's a good thing...the Bible and sexuality don't get talked about much, when there's actually a lot of information. It's beneficial for people who believe to know that a fulfilling sex life is something that's not contradicted by scripture. I don't know why people skip over it so is part of life, albeit within a different context [for the people that attend these sermons].
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