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You and your boyfriend are in the nursery, coo-ing over your five month old son. He's adorable, but when your guy says, "He doesn't look anything like me," something clicks. You realize that he totally has your ex boyfriend's nose. Could it be that your boyfriend really isn't the father after all? Who wants to deal with going to the doctor to find out now? Well you won't have to because home paternity tests are making their way onto drugstore shelves.

The Identigene kit (costing $22.99), uses DNA to determine paternity. It includes swabs so you can collect cell samples from inside the cheeks of your child and the alleged father. Collection of your cells isn't necessary, but it's recommended for best results. You wrap the swabs up and send them off to the Sorenson laboratory in Salt Lake City. You wait three to five of the longest days of your life, and then the results are reported online, by phone, or by mail. There is a $119 lab processing fee, so the entire cost of the test is about $150.

What do you think about being able to do paternity tests at home? Does it have the potential to cause some major family issues? Or is this a brilliant idea that cold help answer important questions and bring families closer together?


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