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With Honors? Valedictorian and Principal Plagiarize Speeches

Plagiarism is spreading! Many feared dead wrong! Two schools in the Chicago area have both been confronted with glaring plagiarism sullying the cap-and-gown season. At, Naperville Central High School — a nationally recognized school for its high standards — had to reassign one of their most popular teachers when it was learned that he plagiarized portions of a commencement address from a previous teacher.

Then, as if learning by example, at the very same commencement the school’s valedictorian lifted a huge chunk of his speech from an article in the satirical newspaper the Onion. (At least it might have been funny.)

Meanwhile, across town in another highly-rated school district, Oak Park and River Forest High School had to apologize to Senator John McCain when their superintendent took an anecdote from John McCain’s Vietnam experience and attributed it to his own brother’s life. Uh, I think if you're going to swipe a story, maybe don't pick one that everybody knows.

Is the Internet and easy cut-and-paste info sending us all to a cheater's paradise? Who's story would you borrow from?


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