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Hook Chas Up and Win $10,000

Hook Chas Up: Desperate or Datable?

If you're too busy to meet people, you've tried online dating and come out of it empty-handed, and your friends haven't been good matchmakers, why not have the whole Internet set you up? All you need is a good incentive, say $10,000, some professional photos, and a witty and to-the-point website. Meet 40-year-old Chas, who did exactly that when he created Hook Chas Up. The concept is simple: find his future wife and he'll fork over 10 grand. This is what he says about the "reward" on his site:

If this helps me find a soulmate, it'll be worth bazillions. But I don't have bazillions. $10k seemed to say, "I'm serious but not insane."

Even with cute captioned photos of his likes and interests, which include Shel Silverstein, Scrabble, and his city of residence, San Francisco, what do you think of this stunt? Would you date Chas, or does he seem a bit desperate?

Photo by Toby Burditt

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