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Hookers For Jesus: Saved on the Strip Preview

Saved on the Strip: Can Jesus Save Hookers?

We can all agree that sex trafficking and the dirty side of prostitution need to stop, but how to end it is where we differ. Some people want to give sex workers rights or legalize the trade, while others just want to abolish it all together. But one former Las Vegas prostitute decided to stop the problem herself one sex worker at a time.

In 2005, Annie Lobért started Hookers For Jesus, a nonprofit organization that goes into casinos, nightclubs, and streets to reach out to sex workers. She later established Destiny House, a halfway house that claims to provide a "safe, nonjudgmental environment." I do wonder how "no judgment" works if a woman wants to be saved but not by Jesus?

Hopefully we'll get to find out, as Hookers For Jesus got itself a show, Saved on the Strip. The three-part miniseries premieres on Investigation Discovery Dec. 8.

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