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Hot Tubs and Sperm: What's the Connection?

Hot Tubs and Sperm: What's the Connection?

I'm sure you've heard that men shouldn't hang out in hot tubs because it can affect their sperm. Is this true or a myth?

Earlier this year, a team of urologists at the University of California conducted a study to test this speculation.

The study observed a group of men who were regularly exposed to hot water temps from hot tubs or hot baths, for at least 30 minutes a week. All the men showed signs of infertility.

What they also found out is that this could quickly be reversed. After these men ditched their hot water excursions, their sperm counts had an increase of 491% after three to six months.

So here's the deal. If a guy is trying to have a baby, he shouldn't be spending time soaking in hot water. If he's not at all thinking about babies, he can love up the hot tub as much as he wants.


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