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The How-To Lounge: All About the Brazilian Wax

Many of our readers wonder out loud about the Brazilian bikini wax, so let's cover this subject thoroughly in a two-part series. The Brazilian wax has seen a lot of American converts in the past few years, but many women still don't know all the details and remain a little shy about asking the proper questions.

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Many different styles of Brazilian exist, so you need to be very clear with your waxer about what exactly you're getting. One style includes removing every bit of pubic hair from the top, the bottom, and everywhere in between, while another leaves a "landing strip" or a small triangle of pubic hair. There's the "Mommy Brazilian", which entails leaving your frontal pubic hair natural but removing everything from the bottom and between. Then there's the straight Brazilian, which simply involves getting a nice wax around your bikini line.

It's uncomfortable; there's no way around it. Every one's threshold for pain is different, however. From all accounts it's about a million times less painful than electrolysis. I'd say, if asked, that it's more painful than eyebrow waxing but less painful than a lip wax, but I really can barely stand having a lip wax. Hopefully, I can tell you everything you ever wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. Let's begin.

  • The cardinal rule for any kind of wax is knowing where you are in your cycle. There's nothing more painful than waxing right before or right after your period; your skin is extra sensitive, which increases the pain and might increase the likelihood of major irritation and bumps. Just don't do it
  • Before your appointment, exfoliate all the areas you plan to have waxed. I recommend buying Tend Skin to use between waxes as another preventative measure against ingrown hairs
  • Brazilian waxes are not for everyone, so if you're not ready to be bare down there, take it slow and start off with the "mommy Brazilian". There's nothing wrong with keeping things a little natural and comfortable. Pace yourself
  • Most women I know absolutely do not regret removing all the 'bits and pieces' from between and behind, and that's usually the part most beginners are nervous about exposing and waxing. It doesn't hurt like you think, and everyone seems to prefer how fresh they feel afterward
  • In order for your waxer to remove all the hair, they'll ask you to get in some very 'compromising' positions, so make sure you find someone you like. Ask your friends for recommendations. I bet your hairdresser knows someone really good and really professional, too
  • If you're uncomfortable being completely naked during your wax, you'll have the option of wearing a disposable paper thong, which you'll be asked to hold taut during the waxing. Once you get to know your waxer, none of this will feel quite so awkward

That's the first installment, ladies. Come back tomorrow to read the rest of our Brazilian wax basics!

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