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It wasn't all that long ago when people used to sit by the phone waiting for a call. But just because times have changed and we can now drag our phone around with us everywhere we go, it doesn't mean that we've stopped the obsessive when-will-they-call behavior. In fact, having access to our phones every minute of every day only makes us more likely to worry about when the darn thing will ring! To work on avoiding this obsessive phone behavior, just


  • If you're the type who checks your phone incessantly only because you have it with you, I think it's time to start weaning yourself off the cell. Leave your phone at home when you're running errands or watching a movie, then work your way up to a full day off. It's hard at first, but once you get used to life without it, it can feel like a big relief.
  • If you really can't bear the idea of not having it (you know, in case of an actual emergency) try keeping it turned off during specific times of the day. You may be surprised how knowing your phone is off will quell your urge to know who might be contacting you.
  • Make a rule not to check your phone when you're with other people. Not only can it be rude, but avoiding doing so is a great excuse to disconnect for a while.
  • If you're waiting or hoping for a phone call from that special someone, things get more difficult. The waiting game is a hard one, and it almost always leads to obsessive checking for missed calls. Try giving yourself specific amounts of time between checks — I usually opt for every 45 minutes.
  • Stifle your anticipation by keeping your mind and your hands busy. Do something that requires both so you literally won't be physically able to pick up the phone.

OK, a mild cell phone addiction never killed anyone, but still, learning when to put your phone aside will give your speeding brain a rest for a while and take the wait out of the waiting game.


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