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The How-To Lounge: Avoiding a Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are gross and irritating, but they happen. An overgrowth of fungus in your body can be caused by a variety of things, tight clothing, medication and pregnancy are just a few, so here are some easy tips to try to prevent them! Click here to

  • Keep your lady business as dry as possible. Moisture down there is a breeding ground for yeast
  • If you're a swimmer, be sure to change your swimsuit frequently. Wear breathable cotton underwear (or make sure your underwear has a cotton crotch) and stay far away from synthetic materials such as polyester
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting jeans, pants, shorts or nylons and always sleep without your underwear on - you need to let your lady business breathe
  • Contrary to popular belief, douching is bad for you. Using feminine hygiene products such as sprays and feminine cleaners, perfumed toilet paper, perfumed tampons or panty liners will also irritate your vagina and disrupt its natural pH balance, which can cause an infection
  • Unfortunately, some women are prone to yeast infections, especially while taking antibiotics so if you fall into that category, be sure to eat a diet rich in live culture and probiotics such as yogurt and Kambucha
  • If you have the symptoms of a yeast infection, burning, itching or thick white discharge, consult your doctor asap

I hope you find these preventative tips helpful.


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