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Most of us experience a time in our lives when we have the desire to try something new with our usual look, but making even a small change can seem so dramatic that we usually shy away from it. I think embracing a little change, even in the appearance department, is never a bad thing, though you might want to consult Bella and Fab first! In the meantime, I have some tips on making your change work for you. To see them,

  • Whether you’re wanting to tone things down or kick them up a few notches, sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right look so go ahead and explore. If you’re looking to glam things up, don’t be afraid to forgo dresses and just add on sexy accessories to a pair of hot jeans.
  • Making such an overt change is usually hardest because we’re not only worried about other’s perceptions of us, but also how comfortable we'll feel in our own skin. Avoid these worries by easing into a new style. If you want to go for a total bob and bleach job, start by shortening your hair to just above your shoulders and trying out some highlights. These small changes will prepare you and those around you for the bigger change down the road.
  • Changing your look is all about trying something new and making it your own, so don’t feel like you just have to replicate everyone else. Try using elements of your original style and incorporating them into your new look.
  • On that note, trying things you admire on other people is a great idea, so don't be afraid to do a little copying either!
  • Only do what you feel comfortable with. Though it’s important to play with your own boundaries, you’ll know when something is not for you. It’s OK to have a limit.

Don’t be afraid to break free of your own mold every once and a while — it can be a whole lot of fun!


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