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The How-To Lounge: Combating a Case of the Uglies

All women get PMS, but it affects every woman differently. If you suffer from cramps or headaches, luckily for you there is a plethora of over the counter medication at your fingertips to cure those symptoms, but what if you suffer from the worst PMS symptom out there -- the uglies? Well, here are some tips to help combat feeling just icky right before, or during your period.

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  • If you have a case of the uglies, keep it in perspective -- you're probably the only one that sees how you feel
  • It's important for every woman to have a "feel good outfit" -- something they know they look good in, regardless of how they feel on the inside
  • We all have suffered from bad hair days, so master what to do with your locks on one of those off days. Some women simply slick it back in a low ponytail, some wear a headband, others tie it in a loose bun, whatever suits your fancy
  • Eat something refreshing. When you feel bloated and just all around gross, eating healthy foods is bound to make you feel better about yourself
  • Walk with your head held high. Feeling crummy on the inside shouldn't bring down your entire day so treat yourself well. Buy yourself a little pick me up, bring home flowers, make plans with friends, get a drink with a co-worker, or opt for a long soak in the tub after work and cuddle up with a good book

When you're in the thick of feeling less than your usual perky self, try to remember that these symptoms will subside. The tips above tend to help me out, but ladies, if you have any other that help for you, please share them in the comments below. I know I sure would appreciate all the pointers I can get!!


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potterlove potterlove 9 years
Oh god, I wish I was one of the lucky people who get cramps! I get the uglies...ugh. Not pretty. What makes it worse for me is I snap at everyone DURING my period! I mean, its already bad enough I do that before (there for is PMS), but DURING?! My god...
laurarose520 laurarose520 10 years
I'm just getting over mine and starting tomorrow, I'm doing a body overhaul to get myself back in shape and feeling great.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 10 years
Aw, rosey I hope you get well soon and have a fantastic weekend away! :) I have definitely woken up on several occasion, took one look in the mirror and cried at the sight of my reflection ... ok, so this doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it sucks, so that's some great advice, Dear! I usually go for a run and that makes me feel better about myself and my appearance.
MiyabiNa MiyabiNa 10 years
mmmm coffee!! sugar-n-spice...that's something that sure makes me happy =) coffee puts me in a good mood no matter what!! I love the taste XD and the caffeine always helps my mood =)
rosey_y rosey_y 10 years
I'm going through this right now. :( But in addition to PMS I've also had a throat infection, so I feel down right disgusting. The anti-biotics are kicking in though and I'm going away with my boyfriend this weekend to visit my family. I've been trying to get plenty of sleep, eat well and today I'm giving myself a manicure, pedicure, wash and treat my hair, and exfoliate and moisturise all over. Wish me luck!
Sugarrush0208 Sugarrush0208 10 years
Ugh I hate the uglies and I always tend to get the worst case of them >=( Especially emotionally as well. My bf totally understands it which is great because he tries to help me get out of my mood and feel better about myself <3 I try to stay away from all magazines during my period haha I will just sit and look at the pictures and nit pick at myself which is never good =\.
Beauty Beauty 10 years
Good post, Dear! When I am having a case of the uglies, I make sure to avoid certain triggers. For instance, I know that reading Vogue is going to make me feel poor and unfashionable and unfabulous, so that's when I'll reach for the New Yorker. And when you're feeling ugly, that's the LAST time you want to casually go on MySpace to spy on your ex and his new girlfriend. Although, I'll confess, sometimes I look at my ex to spy on him because, well, homeboy let himself go. Hee!
sugar-n-spice sugar-n-spice 10 years
Coffee! (since I'm from Seattle) ... perhaps a mocha so I get the combined healing powers of coffee and chocolate! ---and a walk in an amazing park and meeting my man at some chic lil (allll fresh) place to eat.
MiyabiNa MiyabiNa 10 years
PMS sucks...I always feel fat and ugly in all my clothes...and sometimes I break out which makes me feel frustrated with my makeup. Not only the physical stuff, but the emotional "uglies" get to me too! I start "thinking to deep" into situations or thinking bad things about myself (ex. "I'm so ugly compared to ______." or "why does my bf like me? His ex is better than me." etc etc etc...) I hate that the most cuz it's really depressing thinking like that, but I can't help it when I'm PMSing. Usually I think all those ugly thoughts through, then I step back, take a breath, put those thoughts away...then go back to them days later and realize how stupid it was to think like that...cuz usually it was really stupid things that I'm glad I didn't take further cuz it woulda caused unnecessary drama and such... I tend to get a little moodier as well =P...I feel bad cuz I can be a little mean to people around me around that time. LoL ah, womanhood....poor men!
windynini windynini 10 years
DearSugar, those are excellent tips. I always get really depressed when I'm about to get or are on my period. I can't help it. I feel ugly, fat, and hopeless and I tend to be very dismissive about people. Those hormones are the worst! But I am definately going to try your tips.
millarci millarci 10 years
sometimes I'll buy myself something. i love shiny and new things! lol :)
dmartinxoxo dmartinxoxo 10 years
I usually make brownies. That tends to help.
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