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You have planned your wedding for month after endless month, so after the big bash is over, what's next? Some brides experience what I like to call PWDS, post wedding depression syndrome, so I am here to help you combat those post wedding blues.

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  • If you're like me, you need something to look forward to. Instead of jetting off on your honeymoon straight from your wedding party, push it out a few days, or even a few weeks to give you yet another wedding related treat to look forward to
  • Feeling a little sad after your wedding is perfectly normal, so try not to be so hard on yourself. Feeling blue has a lot to do with exhaustion so take some time to relax at home before jumping into your regular routine
  • Be sure to talk to your husband about the way you feel. Chances are he feels some of the same let down. He's there to comfort and love you, so let him cheer you up if you're down
  • Since you have to write those thank you notes, use that time as a way to take a trip down memory lane -- remember the fun you had with that guest at the wedding or how excited you were to register for that specific gift with your husband, etc.
  • While you are adjusting to married life, plan date nights or weekend get aways so you can always have something on your calendar
  • Just because you are now a married woman, don't put your hobbies or friendships on the back burner. Embrace the things that make you happy and make you you, you don't necessarily have to be barefoot and pregnant to wear the "married woman" hat
  • Make dates with your girlfriends to dish about your wedding and honeymoon, get your nails done, get a massage, work out, etc.

All brides feel differently after the wedding's over, so if you do feel the blues after all the hoopla of your big day dies down, remember that once you get back into the swing of things, you will be able to enjoy being husband and wife!


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