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In the Spring of 2005, the "run away bride" Jennifer Wilbanks made headlines when she took her cold feet to another level, making up an elaborate story to get out of her wedding all because of wedding day jitters. While it is perfectly normal to get cold feet before your big day, there are ways to calm your nerves.

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  • Wedding planning can be incredibly overwhelming and time consuming, so make sure you aren't confusing cold feet with the burden of over planning your big day. Ask for help if you need it
  • If you are getting married to this man, chances are you trust your fiance with anything, so talk to him about your feelings and your fears. Getting married is a huge step, so it is perfectly normal to have mixed emotions and he could be feeling a little rattled himself
  • If you don't feel comfortable talking with him for fear that it will just upset him, talk to a trusted friend, your family, or even better, a close married friend who has probably been where you are
  • Try walking away from everything that has to do with your wedding and take a deep breath. You could be simply overwhelmed and in need of some alone time, some intimate time with your husband, or just an escape that a weekend away might cure
  • Sometimes writing down your feelings and concerns makes you see a little more clearly and can help weed out the small stuff
  • If you or your fiance does experience cold feet, most of the time your nerves will go away and you will realize that what you were feeling all along was excitement, not fear
  • If your jitters don't subside, it is always a good idea to invest in wedding insurance. Unfortunately, sometimes couples decide at the 11th hour that they aren't right for each other after all, so listen to your gut and your heart and do what feels right. Good luck!


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